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Inside/Out is about bringing the joy, love, and light from your
heart and manifesting it in the world - working from the inside out.
We are here to help you accomplish that goal.

The Circle Of Intention School of Intuitive Sciences, was
established in 2008 to offer classes and field trips to expand your
consciousness and innate intuitive gifts.

The shop is housed on the ground floor of
76 Main Street in High Bridge and features
an ever-evolving display of crystals, fairies, angels, and metaphysical tools, as well as
inter-dimensional photographs and all sorts of vintage decorative items.  From vintage
dishes and platters to boxes and teapots, there is something for every nostalgia buff here
as well.
CoCo:Chenille, our recycled textile division begun in 1991, is also featured.

In addition, there is a whole plethora of handmade items, from washcloths and soaps,
opera capes to nightgowns, crystal jewelry to tote bags, and chenille bathrobes, much of
which is made right on the premises of recycled materials, most under the

In keeping with the theme of
Inside/Out, we not only have items for the home and
personal use, but for the garden and your exterior environment as well.  I have always
wanted to rehab houses, but never had the opportunity.  Now I rehab birdhouses - such
fun!  We offer lots of plant stands, my handmade wind chimes, and lots of mystical and
whimsical statuary.  

Stop by and experience all the joy we have to offer!
We look forward to welcoming from you!
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Wizard that
welcomes all
to the shop.  

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Orphaned Wedding Gowns
wanted - to be given new life and
purpose, pre-1995.
Free Spirit Bridal
is now part of
our shop.
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76 Main Street, High Bridge, NJ 08829  telephone 908-638-9066
Thursday to Sunday, 11 to 6 p.m.
A precisely edited collection of eclectic treasures,
vintage, handmade, and current.
Gifts with Charm & Spirit!
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