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Years ago I figured out that every time I placed an image of an angel in
my environment, it was an invitation for another angelic presence to
come participate with me.

I have sacred images all around me - angels, saints, masters, Mother
Mary and the fairies, as well as family - but I don't have other 'human'
images.  I prefer to live with the energy patterns of those I know and/or
revere rather than random people in paintings or photographs.

So I live among the angels and it is truly delightful.  I have a whole
section of angel items here at
We currently have this tall angel
in stock.  Additional
Angels are
available by
$225 (takes two to move)
This is an assortment of Angels from
the Angel Area in the shop.  In the
back is an angel from 1958 ($34.95),
on the left is a
Cherub at $6.95, the
covered porcelain
Angel Dish is just  
$3.95, and each of the
Angel Candle
is $5.95.

We add more all year long and lots
more at Christmas!

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