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We look forward to welcoming from you!
This is one of my favorite times of year!  I love the mid-winter holiday and the
deep connection to tradition and family, to introspection and to sharing with
friends and loved ones.

I love Santa - he has a beautiful spirit! And I love to celebrate the birth of the
child Yeshuha, aka Jesus.  So I carry
Santa Clauses, Vintage Christmas
, all sorts of unique Tabletop Christmas Trees, and Vintage
Mangers and Crèches
.  And don't forget our huge collection of Angels.  
We have even more at this time of year to compliment our year 'round

Come join in the spirit of the season! And think of us first for all those special
people on your list. We have lots of stocking stuffers as well, with prices
starting as low as one dollar.
These are a few of the random and amazing little trees that I
have collected for
Christmas.  On the left is a small Pine
Cone Tree
, then a Button Tree, and finally a red Feather
.  Underneath are four reproduction children's blocks as
ornaments with Santa images. I collect an eclectic range of
vintage ornaments all year long to bring out for the holiday.

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