76 Main Street, High Bridge, NJ 08829  telephone 908-638-9066
We look forward to welcoming from you!
The Columbia Trail, a converted railway bed, starts just up the hill at 78 Main Street in High Bridge.  
We have a municipal parking lot across the street at the
Borough Commons Park, for your

The Trail, home to the famous
Columbia Trail Gnome Homes, featured on ABC News and in Weird
New Jersey
, runs a bit erratically from High Bridge all the way to Randolph in Morris County.  Califon is
a pretty straight run of seven miles, and is where a local resident, Sue Clausen, placed the first Gnome
Home.  Copies of her book, written with Kimber Lee Sobeck,
Jerome the Gnome, are available at

In addition, I wrote a book about the making of Harmony Hill, photographed by the stalwart Jon
Campbell, called
The Lonely Gnome.  It is a tale of the power of intention, friendship and community,
starring Lionel and his friend, Darius the Dragon, and is also available at the shop.
Columbia Trail
for Hiking & Biking & Gnomes
Here is an image of Harmony Hill, our
contribution to the gnome population of the
Columbia Trail after the third week of planting
gnome homes. We have caves, crystals, a
dragon, shrubbery, a monolith, and a heart, in
addition to all those homes, gnomes, and signs.

Check the
Harmony Hill tab on the left to see
more of the adventure. Also check out the
Gnomes of Harmony Hill Face Book page for
forays into the world of gnomes and faeries.  Join
us if you can, even if it only in your own backyard!
Magnets.  Call me if you want some!

Update: as of the end of the house painting
season we had 119 Gnome Homes at
Harmony Hill, with a subdivision a little east,
and a total of 176 painted pieces!
Rock on!
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