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A precisely edited collection of eclectic treasures,
vintage, handmade, and current.
We look forward to welcoming from you!
It has occurred to me that our HOME page doesn't fully reflect all that we have to offer here at Inside/Out, so I
thought I would add a list of the various "departments" within our whimsical little shop, a shop that is really all about
joy.  There is far more than I could possibly list and I am always coming up with new items, whether they are vintage
or things that I make or repurpose, so check in with us frequently.  Also,
like us on Face Book, as I am trying to
learn how to use it well and would appreciate the feedback.  Thanks so much!

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Statues, plaques, candle holders, ornaments,
boxes, night lights, stained glass, collectibles,
playing cards
and more. We also have life-size
wooden cherubs, hand carved, that can float above
your head, conferring blessings on all who enter your

I have so many birds you would think we were a
sanctuary, but really, we're a halfway house!  We
have figurines of
Birds, Cows, Pigs, Frogs, Dogs,
Cats, Turtles, Rabbits, Chickens
and Roosters,
and just about any other darling little creature I can
get my hands on, including
Unicorns and Dragons!

CoCo:Chenille hand made Washcloths, Guest
Towels, Bath Mitts
and Face Cloths, Handmade
as well as Hard Milled Soaps, Bath Salts in
vintage decanters,
Soap Dishes and Little
for the dressing table

The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars are all here, in
whatever forms I can find! And
Hearts, too.  I have
plaques, candle holders, wind chimes, barn
stars, stars on sticks, and even cookie cutters

Vintage Slips and Lingerie, 1940's Chenille
, as well as Robes that I make via
short Opera Capes made by me, as well as
Chenille Shrugs/Bed Jackets, and now, Hand Knit
that I've made in a bunch of yummy colors

I have Leather Handbags that I made in my
first shop in Provincetown, MA, as well as
Tote Bags made from recycled fabrics and
Little Bags for your essentials and cell,
all made from vintage fabrics, also
from the 40's through the 60's,
Clutches, elegant Fans, a beautiful vintage
Wedding Veil & matchting Fingerless Gloves, and
in the fall and winter,  the
Fingerless Gloves that I
make from recycled sweaters, a whole bunch of
Shawls, some vintage ones woven in Mexico,
Vintage Hankies, and Wristlets.

Well, I like to refer to Inside/Out as
Faerie & Gnome Central, because it is!
I carry handmade
Faeries and any others I can find,
as well as lots and lots of elements for
and Faerie Gardens, and
Faerie Tea Parties.
I have Faerie Shoes and Faerie Bells to call them in.
And then I have
The boys have virtually taken over the front corner of
the shop! I have them in all size from 1.5 inches to 2
feet tall in concrete, and they are climbing ropes,
hugging trees, riding animals, playing sports, and
generally having a good time.
We have even have
Gnome Hats!
And I forgot to mention
Gnome Books - one written
by the lady who started the
Gnome Homes on the
Columbia Trail
, and another written by me about the
Gnome Village, Harmony Hill, that my friends and I
made during the summer of 2015.

I find small pieces of furniture and remake them all the
time, such as small
Dressers, Side Tables, Plant
Stands, Stools, Cabinets, Chairs, Bedroom
and various little Shelves - an ever-changing
array.  I also have a very select group of
Boho Light
hanging over the stairs in the main room
-such fun!

You will see many of my garden products as you
approach the shop, for they are in the yard and on the
porch.  I make
Wind Chimes year around, some with
holiday themes, the
Concrete Statuary has it's own
category here on the navigation bar, and I make
Birdbaths and have lots of Bird Houses every
Signs, Stars, Yard Stakes,
and Stepping Stones
also part of the mix, as well as odd pieces here and
there and
Word Rocks to inspire you.  I also have
Gazing Globes and Decorative Globes.
You rarely know what treasures you will find!

This department encompasses items for nearly every
room in the house.  Let's start with the kitchen -
Dishes galore, Plates, Mugs, China Cups, Dessert
Stands, Platters, Fancy Chopsticks, Cream &
Sugars, Salt & Peppers, Bowls, Canisters,
Bottles, Pitchers, Teapots
(so many!), Trivets, Tea
Bag Holders, Tea Strainers
, and Clocks when I can
find unusual ones.
I have
Vintage Potholders, as well as new
Patchwork Potholders ones that I make (did I
mention that I come from a long line of quilters?),
Vintage Tea Towels - and new ones that I make from
recycled tablecloths and curtains - as well as
fabulously bright
Dishcloths that I crochet in all
cotton, as well as some very fun
I have a lovely selection of
Vintage Tablecloths (and some Napkins) in linen
and in cotton, and a whole array of
Aprons, lots of
vintage ones and new repurposed ones in
Bistro style
as well as
Bib Aprons in regular and oversize for
the fuller figure.
Hand Embroidered and Embellished Pillowcases
in singles and pairs.
I also have a big selection of little
Boxes, some of
wood, some porcelain, metal, and stained glass,
from funky to fabulous, there is something for
everyone, including the man in your life.
There is also a lovely group of
Journals and Memo
for those of us who still prefer the written word.
I usually have something in
Cut Glass, either vases, bowls or
glasses, they all call to me.  Lots of Vintage Trays,
some hand painted,
Rugs, Inspirational Magnets,
funky metal
Cookie Cutters, lots of fanciful Vases,
Votive Holders, and Mirrors, mostly framed in gold.
I have an entire collection of
Rainbow Makers - cut
glass crystals for hanging in the window and creating

I am still building this department, although I have a
good bit already, there simply isn't room for much
more at the moment.  I have a lovely collection of
Storybooks, all with lovely illustrations and good
words, and as many
Faerie Books as I can get my
hands on, there are also
Vintage Chenille Crib
, a few old time Toys and Blocks, and some
Animal Banks. And, of course, you can always pick
up a
Guardian Angel for the little one.

I love Vintage Jewelry, so you will find lots of it, and I
also like to
Make My Own, so I have! I have
Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pins, and Rings,
some in rock crystals and some in funky beads and
things.  There is also a large selection of my hand
Hatpins, all with clutches for the end for safety's
sake. It's a huge selection in a small space.
I also have
Hair Pics - hard to find item!

Here we have Archangel Grid Kits, the Books that I
write on the various topics that I teach,
Pendulums, Inter-Dimensional Photos, Inspiring
Images, Statues
of religious figures like Mother
Mary, Jesus, and Buddha
, pretty Crosses, Dream
Catchers, Meditation CD's and Crystal Bowl CD's
from Sandee Conroy
, and bundled SAGE with

I have lovely little Signs that I come across, mostly
they are
Reassuring or Inspiring, and I also make
my own. I find special frames and add inspirational
messages and once in a while I find a lovely painting
or two.  Be sure to check out the walls!

I carry a wide range of Pocket Crystals, Gemstones,
Clusters, Geodes, special Energy Stones, Brass
Singing Bowls, Ting Shas, Crystal Energy Wands,
and Crystal Cottages
for protecting your home.  
There are also special little
Pouches for carrying your
crystals and
Angel of the Month Cards, special
Pocket Coins, and Quartz Necklaces.

I designed a logo for the Columbia Trail (see it on
the HOME page) and I have
Bumper Stickers -
rounds and the traditional rectangle - as well as
Stickers, Magnets and Pins - more good fun!
Walking Sticks - I almost forgot!