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early 1990's and they could celebrate three times!  The elementary school
had its annual parade which fell on a Friday, Halloween Trick or Treating was
Saturday, and we all dressed up for church on Sunday!  We started a
tradition aat the church that is still continues today.

Considering the metaphysical work that I do, I don't do scary Halloween at
Inside/Out.  I do Happy Halloween!  The following photos are some of the
images I like best from  our first Halloween at
The Story
of the Halloween Faerie
A seven year old little one came to visit with her "aunt" recently, and she told me about the
Halloween Faerie that visits her house each year.  

Halloween Faerie has a sweet tooth and cares about all the little children.  She doesn't want them
to eat too many sweets all at once.  When the little munchkins  are safely tucked in their beds, she
comes to the door to pick up a bag of goodies left as tribute for her generosity and all the good work
she does.  She always leaves a small gift in return.  Perhaps a new book appears, or a yo-yo, a little
fuzzy stuffed toy, just a little token of her love and caring for the children she protects.  
This special exchange can go on for several days, depleting the supply of sugary treats, yet increasing
the pile of little presents and tiny toys.

I love the
Halloween Faerie!  I wish I had known of her long ago.  So in tribute to this marvelous
creature, I am going to emulate her and dress as the
Halloween Faerie on the night of Trick or
Treating in High Bridge.  I will be waiting in front of the shop with non-sugary treats and with my wings
on!  Bring your munchkins by to say hello!
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