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We look forward to welcoming from you!
Products of week one on Tuesday evening.
Adult made
homes from 1st
Sunday at the
First week at the Commons on Sunday, these homes
were made by 4 kids age 3 to 8.
Week three brought out Judy, once again, with her great
detail work and her bridge, which will get railings shortly.  We
were joined by Ginny and Lisa & Jon, so we made a lot of
Jon likes diamond pane windows as much as I do, and his
stone house shows that!  I used an old basket as a roof for a
chunk of log, and Ginny brought and painted the triplex.  The
"planting" of the village of Harmony Hill began the next
Judy make this bridge from a
box top and I added the
railings.  The "4 rent" sign is
part of the children's book  I
wrote to introduce kids to the
gnome village.  Stay tuned for
That's me on the left, then Judy,
Lis & Jon, and Amy & Sofie as we
planted the gnome village called
of the little houses and structures
in the background.

It made many people happy!
Sammy Adams-Fancera, 9,
from Readington, NJ, with
an orange doorknob.
Twins Janay and Jamya Daniels,
14, from Rochester, NY, painted
matching Gnome Homes that are
now at the top of the hill.
The Morales family, from High
Homes.  Kaitlyn, 7, Jason, 8,
and Luke, 4, all had fun.  We
each other on Harmony Hill.
Sonya Hutzellmann,
7 of Three Bridges,
painted a very lively
Gnome Hotel!
The first week in August we got really good at this painting thing! Four of us were able to crank out all of these, as well as starting
three more.  Lisa is painting a Bakery and her husband, Jon, is working on the Harmony Hill Post Office.  Judy has gotten really good
at the landscaping rocks.  I painted a Youth Hostel in the far left.

We're now on
Face Book!
Gnomes of
Harmony Hill
Ethan, age 3, were
among the first to paint
gnome homes at the
High Bridge Borough
Commons on Sunday
Four runners from North Hunterdon
High School helped us by moving this
log into position as our Viewing Stand.  
Now kids can sit to look at the Gnome
Homes of Harmony Hill. Thanks guys!
This Taiwanese family from Flemington and
Tappan, NY, spent 3 hours on the trail. Joe,
Julie, Jean and Sharon came with Lisa, 85, who
once cooked for the president.
The Gomez family, of Basking Ridge, painted and
younger brother Santiago are here with mom,
Ava Berberian, age 8 from
Annandale, painted this house
under the watchful eye of her
I painted a sign for the Hillside Youth Hostel once we
placed it on Harmony Hill.  Directly to the left is
Sonya's hotel.  We're thinking of adding luggage.
Harmony Hill
Gnome Village at the 1/4 mile marker,
Columbia Trail, High Bridge, NJ
The following pages are the recording of our journey to help the children connect
with the environment, the loving energy of Mother Nature, and the magic of the
Gnomes of Harmony Hill, were everyone lives in peace and quiet contentment.

Special thanks to Judy Elzer and Jon & Lisa Campbell for all their hard work to
help establish the village.
Tuesday evening' s work, week two.

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