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Harmony Hill
Gnome Village at the 1/4 mile marker,
Columbia Trail, High Bridge, NJ

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I'm really good at painting bricks and Lisa has done a
great job with staircases going up to the house.  And
she loves those little round windows with four panes!
I wrote the story of The Lonely Gnome, about the
founding of Harmony Hill through the power of
intention, and Jon Campbell took the photographs
for me that illustrate the story.  Jon also painted the
mushroom, complete with gills on the underside!
I painted this duplex.  I have a longstanding
fascination with lace, so it was easy to add
a touch to the scalloped roof.  And I love
blue doors! (The doors of my home/shop
are blue.)
Suzanne Werfelman, retired art teacher, was able to join
us again this August, and she painted all those cute little
gnomes in the windows and entering this house.  
Yeah, Suzanne!
Ginny Mosuly joined us and brought
her log cabin.  Very authentic.  
Suzanne painted the gnome in front of
another sacred spiral.  We suppose
that harmony Hill really likes those!

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Gnomes of
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