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and There's No Place Like Gnome!
(Coloring Contest for Kids & Photo Contest*)
Sadly, this was probably our last OZmania.  
It was such a fun idea and quite a number
of folks had a real good time!

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Our first year's winners.
Yuna Burinsky was
perfectly dressed as

Everyone was a winner in
I was Miss Gulch and I
even brought my bicycle!
Jeremy Burninsky
as the Tinman.
Denise Hickson of Mrs.
Reilley's Pub always joins in
the fun with her Wicked Witch

This year she was joined by
Simon Wismer as a smaller
version of the classic.
All of our winners in 2016! Jeremy Burinsky as the Tinman and mom, Yuna
Wismer as Dorothy, Simon Wismer as the Wicked Witch, Tara Wagner as
Dorothy, Sofie Capista as the Young Glinda, and Nickolas Burinsky as the