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We look forward to welcoming from you!

This is a photo gallery of Inside/Out treasures in their new homes!  
Hope you enjoy - and send us some pictures too!
This is the picture that started it all!  
Susan, here in New Jersey, bought this
lovely little vase from the shop and
sent us a picture of it with such a lovely
When I was in Florida teaching I met
this other Susan, who ordered the
Fairies from their pictures on this site.  
We met at a conference in North
Carolina to transfer guardianship.  She
placed them in her yard with driftwood
and bromeliads.
Obviously, she's in good hands!
These Faeries are at a neighbor's
house in High
Bridge.  When all of
mine have migrated to new homes, I
can often send folks down the street to
take a  peek at these two in Judy's
yard.  They are settling in so very well
- Guardians of the Garden!

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