76 Main Street, High Bridge, NJ 08829  telephone 908-638-9066
We look forward to welcoming from you!
at One Month ReNewed -
(end of the 2nd year)
This series of photos were taken after we had reopened, after being closed for 6 months.  This is our renewed
and expanded space!  There are still more details to be completed from my initial list, later we will change things
up yet again.  For now, we are functional and delighted to be open!  Stop by and see - spread the word!
The image on the left is what you see when you first enter the shop through the new doorway. Gnomes and Faeries on
the left and the right.  Then we turn the corner and the length of the room opens up.  The right side is all windows with
lots of little delights on the shelf, such as the animals that I carry, as well as on the floor beneath.  I have a sign pole to
direct you to various areas of the shop, and behind it is the apron closet and just to the left is the Angel Area.
This is the mantle from the first incarnation of the shop, repainted in a wonderful green
with lots of details picked out in white.  It hosts a revolving display of holiday items.  It is on
the left just before the doorway to the main area of the shop.  I didn't get a good shot of
the porch posts surrounding the doorway - you'll have to stop by and see them!
This is my sewing area.  The machines and lots of
fabric used to be on the sun porch, but here we are
now. I plan to sew many more things than I have thus
far, so stay tuned for new developments.  Lots of fun
stuff in the works!

The low folding screen is home to a variety of leather
bags that I made by hand many years ago when I
lived in Provincetown, MA.
Just passed the sewing area is a new cabinet with crystals, religious figurines, and all
sorts of metaphysical offerings. My books are there alongside various statues of Mother
Mary, Jesus, Joseph, other saints.  Some of the vintage and handmade jewelry is still in
the cases by the former entrance, along with my fingerless gloves.
This is the view of the display in front of the staircase.  
The necklaces are still in position, but the bracelets
and the earrings have joined them.  The center island
contains the china and dishes, and the little table holds
tea towels and my therapy while I helped with three
months of renovation - hand crocheted dishcloths. You
can see some of the bright, happy colors poking out of
the blue enamel bowl.  Such fun! (and I feel much
better for it!)
Next to the jewelry we have the pampering area.  An expanded
selection of handmade soaps join the CoCo:Chenille washcloths,
bath mitts, face cloths, and guest towels.  We also have charming
soap dishes, bath salts in vintage decanters and more. Yum, yum!
This is the view across the bench that hold children's items -
books, a few vintage toys, and some blankets and crib throws in
chenille.  You can see the dishcloths even better here.  The
checkout counter is in a new place, just under the boudoir lamps
and in front of the shawls.
This is a closer look at the center island.  I have a huge selection
of beautiful chopsticks right now.  On the top shelf you can just
make out the handmade energy wands with streaming ribbons.
This is the clothing and accessories corner.  Jackets and tops are
in the closet while the open rack houses the vintage lingerie
collection.  It is topped by a group of vintage handbags from the
40's and 50's.  The totes and cell phone cases that i make from
vintage materials are hanging on the end.

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